Window wraps …

Photograph by Carol Hathaway - 2014

Photograph by Carol Hathaway – 2014

Recently overheard conversation between me and myself.

Me: Completely sick of winter
Self: Yes, we know, we know already.

Me: So I was thinking …
Self: Uh oh.

Me: I wonder if you could get special wraps for the living room windows. You know the kind that buses and cars have? They could be pictures of spring, green grass, birds, the sun …
Self: ya … so?

Me: So, you put them on the windows and when you look out, you only see spring.
Self: But what if you want to go outside? The cold will break your illusion.

Me: Well there’s the genius of the plan. You don’t go out. You take vacation and stay in with the heat cranked. It’s a win/win.
Self: sigh …


Nature speaks …

Are you listening? Photograph by Carol Hathaway - 2014

Are you listening?
Photograph by Carol Hathaway – 2014

Nature speaks
can you hear her?

Nature speaks in Spring
when plants begin to wake,
seeds stretching, reaching, beneath the warming earth.

Nature speaks in Summer
bright, busy days, somnolent nights
bees buzz, crickets chirp, sparrows sing.

Nature speaks in Autumn
preparing for sleep, cool breezes blow,
leaves fall from trees, dance ’round the yard.

Nature speaks in Winter
cold creeps in, snow crunches
the promise of spring to come.

Nature speaks
are you listening?

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song.
~ Maya Angelou