Keeping the promise …

Moving forward

Here’s to the year ahead. Good and bad.
Photo taken by Carol Hathaway – 2013

Ansel Adams said that you don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Once upon a time I took pictures.  Many pictures.  A friend recently mentioned that he’s forgotten that I take pictures.

Part of my promise to walk every day was to take a picture every day.  And so I’ve begun.  They’re not fancy. They won’t ever BE fancy.  Just what catches my eye in the moment.  And I’ll write a story for that photograph.  Others might not see the same story I do but that’s the challenge.  We all see the same things but we’ll never tell the same story.

I took two photographs today.  One to illustrate the end of this year and it’s challenges.  The other to illustrate the new year and new challenges.

Another friend thinks that there would be no sport, no challenge, if things were easy.  So here’s to a year full of challenges.  Good and bad.  I believe that if you don’t experience some trying times you won’t know the good times when they arrive.

This will, hopefully, be the last ‘serious’ post.  They’re not nearly as much fun.  And I’m all about fun.


Dawning cold and clear … keeping a promise

Each day I walk ... from the past and forward to the future.

Each day I walk … from the past and forward to the future.

Coming up on today’s show …

Dr. U. R. Whining discusses the cold wind and blowing snow with our guest Fairy Princess.  Ms. Princess claims it is far too cold to venture out, her hair might get mussed.  She might get cold fingertips and frost-bitten toes.

Dr. Whining will remind our Princess that she promised a walk every day, rain or shine.

The ancient phrase, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” has many paraphrases and dates back thousands of years, and takes on a special meaning in contemporary society. The actual quote is attributed to Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher who wrote the Tao Te Ching, born 604 B.C.

In this quote, Lao Tzu is trying to express that great things start from humble beginnings.  In the original, the text refers to “1,000 li journey”.  A li is an old Chinese measure of distance which converts to 360 miles or 576 km.e.

Quote information obtained from BBC Learning English

Walking Distance …

She stares longingly into the distance ... the GO Sea is, for the moment, at rest ...

She stares longingly into the distance … the GO Sea is, for the moment, at rest …

Once upon a time our Fairy Princess started a new job.  A new job in a city far, far away.  So far away in fact, that she was forced to find a means of transportation faster than walking.  And so began her daily commute via train to a much bigger city.  When she arrived in the city she, along with all the other lemmings, walked to an office building where she was assigned a cubby, a computer (or two, okay, maybe three) and a somewhat comfortable chair. And in this cubby, in that chair, she spent her day.  She was content.

Until she wasn’t content.

And so begins a walking quest.  Short walks throughout the work day.  Rain or shine.  Along with her trusty cell phone camera to document tidbits of interest.

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.
~ Steven Wright