The power of a mood swing …

Recent conversation with young man in the cubby next to mine.

Young man – I have mood swings.
Me – ya, me too.
Me – Betcha my mood swings could crush your mood swings.
Young man – (laughs)
Me – Betcha my mood swings could chew yours up and spit them out.
Young man – (blank stare)
Me – Betcha my mood swings are evil incarnate.
Young man – (turns and quickly departs)

Ya, that’s right, run away.



Precious and the need to cut grass …


Once upon a time Precious decided that the grass needed to be cut right NOW. The problem was that right NOW included a severe thunderstorm creeping up on him from behind. Our Fairy Princess told Precious to “hurry it’s going to STORM upon your head”. Heeding her advice, he stopped and so apparently has the storm. Now they sit; waiting for the storm that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen after all. Precious says the birds are still singing so it might be nothing. Princess is not so sure.

More to come …

Winged Predators …


A bloodthirsty encounter in an office building on the corner of Front St W and Spadina Ave in Toronto ended in death for a tiny winged citizen this morning.  Ms. M. O’Squito, of Toronto, entered the cubby of Ms. F. Princess with the intent to cause bodily harm.  Witnesses say O’Squito harassed Princess for quite some time before the attack.  O’Squito was able to get several bites and an upper cut to Princess’ left arm before she was finally subdued.

After a lengthy interrogation, police have not charged Princess with a crime as it was determined that M. O’Squito had a rap sheet several pages long and had been plaguing area residents for days.