A Very Scary Story

And now for a very scary story –┬áIt is so scary that it must be told in broad daylight.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, our fairy princess was, quite easily really, talked into riding a bicycle 80 km. As an aside, our fairy princess isn’t very bright. All was going swimmingly until close to the end. The fairy princess got tired, turned into a fish wife and thought of some very bad words.

Moral of the story – don’t teach fairy princesses bad words.


The Fairy Princess and her Tale of Woe

A Sad Tale of Woe – There once was a fairy princess who was forced to do laundry. She carefully placed the newly washed clothes in the sun to dry. She was a busy princess and left them for a few hours. While she was away, it poured rain. When she returned the clothes were wet and the sun was shining. She left the clothes in the sun AGAIN and went away. The sun promptly hid behind the clouds and it poured rain again.

Moral of the Story – never do laundry.