Keeping the promise …

Moving forward

Here’s to the year ahead. Good and bad.
Photo taken by Carol Hathaway – 2013

Ansel Adams said that you don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Once upon a time I took pictures.  Many pictures.  A friend recently mentioned that he’s forgotten that I take pictures.

Part of my promise to walk every day was to take a picture every day.  And so I’ve begun.  They’re not fancy. They won’t ever BE fancy.  Just what catches my eye in the moment.  And I’ll write a story for that photograph.  Others might not see the same story I do but that’s the challenge.  We all see the same things but we’ll never tell the same story.

I took two photographs today.  One to illustrate the end of this year and it’s challenges.  The other to illustrate the new year and new challenges.

Another friend thinks that there would be no sport, no challenge, if things were easy.  So here’s to a year full of challenges.  Good and bad.  I believe that if you don’t experience some trying times you won’t know the good times when they arrive.

This will, hopefully, be the last ‘serious’ post.  They’re not nearly as much fun.  And I’m all about fun.


A True Tale from the REAL WORLD …

Today, our Fairy Princess ventured into a local PartSource store looking for something very specific. On the drive to the store she practiced asking for exactly what she needed. Now, to most folks this might not seem extraordinary, but to our Fairy Princess, who sometimes loses words when she really needs them, it was a big deal.

Upon arrival, she recited the words one more time and bravely entered the store. He-man rock was blaring on the radio, and men who knew exactly what they wanted and knew the names of those items were conversing with employees. It was scary.

When it was her turn, our Fairy Princess blathered what she was looking for and why. Plus she added what she had already attempted to fix the problem. To his credit, the nice man at the counter didn’t laugh and paid attention to all the extra details. Sadly, he didn’t have what she needed. BUT, Kenny the wrecker probably did AND his prices are better than others.

Bottom line:
– We didn’t find Kenny.
– We still don’t know how much this part is going to cost.
– The nice PartSource man called us ‘hun’ but because he was nice, he’s off the hook.
– And the best part – Fairy Princess didn’t say ‘thingy’ even one time.