** Doggie Daycare Chronicles **

Stella – So, I get that you still love her but geez, pal, ya gotta move on. She had a litter with another guy. Don’t go back. She’ll break your heart.
Friend – oh stop your blubbering. Let me call the wahhhmbulance for you.


* photo courtesy of Dogs Reformed, Stoney Creek


** Recently Overheard Conversation **

Precious – Okay ZeusFullSizeRender, out you go
Zeus – Uh no …
Precious – Zeus, I know you have to go, get out there
Zeus – the hell I will
Precious – Come on …
Zeus – <backs away> nope, not gonna do it
Precious – You’re going to make me get dressed
Zeus – you betcha
Precious – sigh

Moral of the story – when you’re big enough and strong enough, you make your people take you out front, and even then you do your thing in the garage, because … hello … snow …


Batten down the hatches folks, Old Man Winter, recently returned from sabbatical, has his sights set on Southern Ontario. Residents are warned of a winter clipper furiously tracking from the central US. The clipper, nicknamed, Stupid Head, has joined forces with the repeat offender, Beulah Low from the southeast, and plan to strike late Monday night. If left unchecked, these two miscreants will wreak havoc well into Wednesday.

Reliable sources tell this reporter that although local residents plan to use their NIMBY cards, SH and B Low are unlikely to listen and will drop a crap ton of snow over the area.

Hoard your snacks kids, it could get ugly out there.