Dust Bunnies, a Fairy Princess and Sims …

Photography by Carol Hathaway - 2012

Photography by Carol Hathaway – 2012

Once upon a time our Fairy Princess absolutely had to do some housecleaning. She knew this because the dust bunnies were running around like they owned the place. It was scary.

Now if we know anything at all about the Fairy Princess, we know she HATES to clean. But today, she came up with an ingenious plan. Very clever indeed. She likes playing Sims on her iPad. Soooo, she set her Sims on a 20 minute task. Then she set the timer on her iPhone for 20 minutes.

She cleaned for 20 minutes, tended her Sims, then cleaned again. This plan worked for the WHOLE afternoon.

And at the end of the day, the house is clean, the Sims were productive, our Fairy Princess is happy and the dust bunnies have been vanquished.

If your house is really a mess
and a stranger comes to the door,
greet him with,
“Who could have done this? 
We have no enemies.”
~ Phyllis Diller


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