Tech support request …

Photograph by Carol Hathaway - 2014

Photograph by Carol Hathaway – 2014

Once upon a time Peaches endeavoured to assist Precious in a tech support request.  Someone almost got hurt.  And it wasn’t Peaches.

Precious:  Can I print from Facebook?  I saw a recipe I like.  I want it on my iPhone.

Peaches:  I don’t think so but you could copy the text, save it and email it to yourself.

Many agonizing steps later, we get the text into a document, saved to the hard drive and emailed to Precious.  NOW we head to the phone.

Precious:  I’ve opened my email, but I don’t see the document.  That thing keeps whirling.  I’m losing time here.  I need to get moving.  Why isn’t this working?  Peaches, you’re not very good at this tech support thing.

Peaches:  Gimme the phone.
Precious:  No!  I’m going to do it.  But that thing keeps whirling.
Peaches:  Gimme the phone.  I have cold hands.
Precious:  Fine.

Precious leaves the room and Peaches proceeds to work her tech support magic, that she’s good at by the way.

Long story short.  Precious has his document and is still alive to tell the tale.


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