Princess gets a cold …

photograph by Carol Hathaway - 2014

None Shall Pass
photograph by Carol Hathaway – 2014

Once upon a time our Fairy Princess caught a cold.  She just wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep.

As many well know, our Fairy Princess has a dog.  A tiny bundle of poodle who fancies himself her prince.  It snowed during the night that the cold percolated.

It snowed and snowed some more.

Our Fairy Princess woke up whiny and sniffly.

Her prince wanted to relieve himself outdoors but sadly for said prince, the snow pile in his yard had grown well past his ability to lift his leg.

So, in her jammies, she trudged out to shovel a path to the yard.

The poodle arrived outside, looked at her all squinty eyed, and tried to go back inside.

What happened next doesn’t bear repeating.

Precious made his smoothie and is currently hiding out in the man cave where it is safe.

Moral of the story:
1.  It’s possible to get a Princess cold (these make you whine a lot)
2.  Shoveling a snow path so a poodle can go relieve himself sucks wind, especially in one’s jammies
3.  … hmmmpfh …
4.  The men get to shovel the path next time the prince wants to go out

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